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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
You need to have Track viewing and display-on-map capabilities if you are going to navigate any of the Backcountry Discovery Routes, including WABDR and OBDR. To my knowledge, the zumo 350LM does not have Track Import support - but then I don't own one so someone correct me please if I'm out of date with the 350LM capabilities.

You are correct. One cannot simply import a track and then see it on screen. I have tried repeatedly.

However, there may be a workaround where the track has to be re-named to something else like people have done with the Zumo 550s. I have not explored that option personally, but since it seems that one can look back at old tracks, it might be possible. However, I think that for the rider who needs tracks, it is a better idea to get a unit that supports them right out of the box. That would mean Montana (definite), or (I think) the 660/665.
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