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Florida To California Early May

Hey guys this is my first post up in AdvRider.

First of I just want to thank you guys for this amazing resource. I've gotten some amazing ideas lurking through this website.

I'm a 20something college student at UF. I've been wanting to take a trip across the country for as long as I can remember. I finally have the opportunity to do it. I'm going to try to leave around May 6th ish for 6 weeks or so.

Having lurked here, reddit, craigslist, etc, I've got it in my head to just camp and couchsurf as much as possible.I'll probably get a sleeping bag and a little propane stove thing. Maybe check into a crappy motel if i haven't showered in too long.

The locations aren't set in stone or anything, so if I managed to get some people to tag along I'd be down to deviate a little bit.

My few biker friends I have aren't down enough to hop on something as serious as this. So far I'm just planning the trip solo.

I figure it'll give me an opportunity to see all sorts of things I won't get a chance to once I have to join the "real" world and work; epic scenery, skateboard random new stuff, lots of random friends along everywhere, stories, etc.

I have a 07 Suzuki Boulevard C50 and a 03 GZ250 that I'm trying to get out of right now. I'm trying to score an 1100 shadow. Hopefully I land one with a windshield and hard saddles.

If it sounds like something you'd be interested in.. Even just parts of it. Or if you'd like to give me your two cents of advice on things to bring, or do, or see (or anything else!) then by all means.. Also, if you're anywhere along the route and would like split some brews and share some wisdom with a younger mind.. Let me know.
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