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Goddamnit I am hooked on Skyrim again.

They had a sale on all the Skyrim DLCs on April's fools day, so I'm like, oh hell why not.

So I decided to make a new character, why not? 3 weeks later my 3rd character is at Level 45...

My other two characters were pretty high level too, highs 60s and 50s. Probably a couple hundred hours between them. I never made any progress on any of the major plotlines on those characters.

So on this playthrough I'm for sure gonna finish this game.

Oh yea, the 3 new DLCs? I've made no progress on those plotlines either. I haven't even scratched Dragonborn yet (although I did make it to Solstheim). I just started Dawnguard and just joined the Dawnguard but I haven't yet started the first mission to it (the crossbow is pretty awesome though). And Hearthfire, well I built and completed 1 manor so far.

I swear I'd be perfectly happy in solitary confinement if I could have an XBOX 360 and Skyrim in there with me. I'd never be bored.

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