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Thanks for that Jim. I DO LIKE my open aired conveyances, lol. Despite the latitude in NL, there are actually a lot of others like me here. You should check out sometime, if you haven't already (another great community of enthusiasts). BTW a former co-worker of mine popped by my office yesterday to show me her brand spanking new PCX (in black). She retired in January and spent the past month in Mexico. She and her hubby rented a house and a couple of scooters. When they got back to Canada she decided to ditch her Harley Sportster and buy a scooter. Before buying her scoot, she came to me for advice (and to see if I had anything for sale, because up until a few months ago I had two Passports). After hearing her out in terms of where she'd be riding, how much she was prepared to spend etc, I suggested the PCX and that she check out this forum. I also told her your story. I think that together we influenced her. I was tickled pink to see her on it.

Gedupsound, I relate to you. Though I've never owned a Ducati, I have done the full circle thing of going from scooter to various other bikes (cruiser, supermoto, etc) back to a smaller bike. I ride my C70 every chance I get. Yesterday I was chatting with a guy on a BMW FS800 at a stop light and he told me how much he liked my Passport. I don't think he knew much about them and was amazed to hear that it's 31 years old. The light turned green and off we went. You should post up some pics - sounds like you've had some pretty cool rides. I'd love to see what you did to your Ruckus.
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