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Quick update

Today was the last day snowboarding for the season. Yesterday was great but last night it got cold enough to freeze everything. Today the sun didn't come out so the snow was bulletproof.

I have been working on the bike quite a bit with my friend Niko in his dirt floor, no-electricity garage.

-New camshaft, cam chain, bearings, sprockets, auto decompress (see post from Istanbul)
-New starter.
-New steering head bearings.
-New rear suspension bearings.
-New drive chain, front and rear sprockets.

I needed to re-shim the valves after putting the new cam in. Niko used to work with KTM Georgia but quit a few months ago. The owner of KTM Team Georgia is a German guy named Slava. This dude wouldn't sell me the shims or the new rear tire I had him order for me... because I was working with a former employee of his. So long story short I told him to go f**k himself and had my friends from the UK send some parts in. I lucked out and found a pair of 90% tread TKC 80s from a local guy that took them off a newer 690.

Long story short, don't trust KTM Team Georgia for anything. They will overcharge you and the only mechanic is an Armenian dude who is used to working on scooters with a hammer.

The final parts I need will be here tomorrow or the next day. We are still waiting on my new Giant loop bags to get here. I got my Kazak, Azerbaijan and Russian visa now. I will get Uzbek visa in Baku AZ when I go there on the 1st of May.

Thanks for following along. I'll be doing 1 more post for Georgia in the next few days then i'm back on the road.
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