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Originally Posted by Rucksta View Post
I've come out of the forest onto a well formed, all weather dirt road suitable for ordinary road vehicles.
The road is wide enough in places that cars can pass without putting a wheel on the shoulder.

Anyway it's lots of fun and gives me a chance to peg back the Husky 630 that would be 45-60 seconds ahead after I closed the last gate.
The dust ahead is being raised by a vehicle travelling at motorcyle speed.
It's getting thicker.

Two KTM 990s ahead comfortable side by side, sharing the line, drifting though corners.

Pretty to watch - bit slow for me - I have a TE630 to catch - wait for the straight.
Outside pass - blocked.
Inside pass - blocked

Feinted another ouside pass and split the middle as the rider moved to block.

Is it OK to spay them with rocks?
Is it OK to give the mirror a tap on the way through?
What about handle bars?
Should expressing feelings be confined to shoulders and elbows or is it OK to deliver a kidney slap with a bark buster?
I wouldn't roost them with rocks. What if he's got his shield up and you put his eye out, or knock out a tooth? I would come by close, let them know they aren't intimidating you. Or, and I know that Hooska will do it, come by on the back wheel while flipping them off.
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