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...speaking of Hardley Ablesons... (even tho it isn't Friday yet) Why is it they ALL ride on the right side of the lane on a 2-lane road? You're less visible to turning cars. You can't see as far up the road to see what the cars in front of you are doing. ...and worst: IF something does happen, you've cut your reaction space in half (or less)

Is it something the Hardley riding schools are teaching?

Not a Hardly rider, but I do ride the cruisers. . . . Maybe they've met the same pickup trucks I have. It's twice now I've been riding in a county south of here and had a pickup truck come over the line at me, and by come across the line, I mean swerve to hit me. I've managed to evade, but it all happened so fast that I've never been able to read a plate or anything. By the time I'd turn around they'd be long gone, and no doubt they know the area better than I do anyway.

I've gotten in the habit of giving oncoming traffic a wide berth. If they want to get me, they'll have to work for it.

Just 'cuz you're paranoid doesn't mean that they're not out to get you.

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