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As others have said, quite a fabulous report and viewpoint on life. Having lived through some life changing experiences certainly helps. I think giving people hope and truly showing that anything is possible and your points about sweat equity are right on the money. My few college years were about partying and getting laid. Never graduated. Didn't have the right mindset and as others have said, we might not be cut out for it. However, I never gave up working hard at doing work and doing the best I could. You do your bosses work BEFORE you ever get paid for it, there is no 'entitlement'. So today I actually have a job thats a global role most people would consider to be pretty far up the ladder and am sure in a small class of people to achieve this in the professional world today with no degree. Sure I still have self doubts and that self defeating type of voice in my head but I do my best to beat it back and your points are so valid- the only limits are those we set on ourselves.

Having said that, I purposely went to a shop today to look at Ducatis and sit on a Panigale. She is one hot (I love red!!) seductive beauty. Well, its very impressive that you did what you did on that bike, I doubt I really could make it more than a couple of hours (buldging disc L5,6). Hats off to you!!! Having said that, I definitely want a Duc at some point but more like a Multistrada to share the stable with my KTMs.

Basically your right on and people have read this thread for all things it does say about life and attitude and living!!!

I think one of the things you point out and I have found out- I always wonder what is on the other side of the horizon. Truth is, its another horizon and another and another. Which is; its all about the journey and not the destination. You came back changed but it didn't change what is.

Terrific and thanks!!! Right on brother !!!

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