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Yes, the XR forks are very different from the XL forks. In order to mount a right side caliper to an XL, you either have to do a complete front end swap, or in some cases just add a right side fork lower from a model that had a right side caliper, such as a Roadster. Several models with left side only brakes are compatible with the Roadster right side lower. Some, such as the 48, are not, due to the location of the fender mounting lugs. If, for example, you had a model that was compatible with the right side Roadster fork leg though, you could add just the left caliper from the XR, like I did. Then if you still wanted more, you could add the fork lower and the right side caliper, along with the necessary wheel mods to accept the rotor, as well as a new master cylinder that could pump enough fluid to actuate two 4 piston calipers. Doing the twin brake conversion can be a complicated and costly endeavor. That's why I went with the upgrade that I did.

Hummmm. I think that I will just research the single disc/ 4 pot/ left side only option, for now. The XR1200s were never too common around Queensland - to my regret, so I really have nothing to compare my XL with.
But the '48 would be a better bet. I may be able to find a current model (are HD still building the "48?) to compare with. The Nissin kit P/N 42943-08 apparently fits both the 48 and the XR. Is it not so?
Yes, the 48 is in the current model lineup. Mine is a 2013. And yes the Nissan caliper is a part for the XR1200, that works fine on the 48. It should also bolt up to any late model XL's fork leg, but it does create clearance issues with the wheels of some models. If you haven't already, you may want to check around on xlforum and see if you can find specifics for your particular bike.
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