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Originally Posted by ArmyJoe View Post
Is there any real advantage to beveling that outside bottom side? Can anyone get that low in a lean?
Originally Posted by GregsBro View Post
Does seem like giving up usable space. Jesse bags are made like that too
It's absolutely possible, especially considering that the bags can be mounted on different bikes, on different racks, at different angles, and different heights - so while on that bike installed as they are, they might not scrape; on a different installation they very well might.

BadTrainDriver, as I recall, had a set of Zega's or maybe Touratech panniers without the beveled cuts. He was able to grind the corners of the bags under hard cornering on his DL1000. He contacted the company, who assured him it was impossible to do, but when he provided pictures they agreed that maybe it was possible. In their defense, he's about the most agressive motorcyclist I have ever ridden with so Joe Average might not ever come close.
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