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I do that frequently for these reasons: leaving space for the inevitable gawkers and flatlanders that are drifting across the line, cruising the center of the road because they are afraid of the drop-off on the right, or passing in bad places.

On a two lane road in Colorado, you are bound to have lines of cars approaching all caught behind one slow person that is afraid they will suddenly spasm and drive off a cliff (whether there is a cliff nearby or not). I want to be visible to the person four to six cars back in that line that is thinking about trying to pass the whole bunch. As they move to their left, my right, they can can see the the right side of my lane before the center of the road. If I am hidden from their view by the traffic in front of me, I am too close to said traffic.

As to visibility to turning cars, and seeing farther up the road, I agree. That's why I stay back far enough from the car, truck, RV in front of me to see up the road, and why I do move over to the left track when approaching a possible turning car. If I have to be close behind someone, I move left also.

That's my theory derived from my extensive 6 months of motorcycling, and advise from several friends and relatives that have many decades of safe riding under their belts. Feel free to correct me - now back to other bikes on the road.
You see... that there is what I do too. Get where they can see you sooner.
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