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Originally Posted by tlwood99 View Post
I am 56 so maybe brittle as hell--but my mind is young I might take Brett's advice and find a smaller bike when playing on dirt. But damn, if I break 15 bones doing under 30, what will happen on pavement going, say, 65?
Injuries are incredibly variable. The same person could have two seemingly identical crashes, yet end up fine in one and dead in the next.

I wrecked last winter going about 60-70mpg. Dumbass me had a new bike and didn't do parking lot braking practice. A truck pulled into my lane and I squeezed the brake lever as hard as I would have on my last bike, locked up the front, and took a tumble (fortunately I just tumbled and slid; I didn't hit anything). I walked away with zero injuries, besides a couple small bruises. Gear definitely played a big role in my lack of injuries... But so did luck. You just never know.

I'm also only 30, and age probably played a role in both of our cases.
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