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Heavy bikes in the dirt? Injury waiting to happen?

I have a KLR650 and a Honda CRF250L. My son rides a WR250r and I recently sold a TW200. Below 40mph the TW200 may be one of the most fun bikes out there. It is actually a lot of fun seeing how slow you can climb hills (very tractor like) and taking technical trails.

I too wonder about the danger of big bikes in the dirt. It just seems that the heavier the bike the more it is going to hurt when you go down. Also, a lighter bike can often be righted with a strategically placed foot but once a big bike starts to go the rider better get out of the way.

My big question is do we see all these big bike-dirt-minor getoff injuries because big (ie heavy) bikes injure more or is it just a reflection that so many more folks are out there doing serious dirt/gravel miles on heavier bikes rather then on 250's?
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