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Well, how old are you?

And a WR is only 300 pounds, guys ride 400 pound bikes...

Originally Posted by Scott_PDX View Post
I had a fall and a "stick" recently off my WR250R doing about 30mph. Knocked the wind outta me, but noting broke. Though for sure I broke something but doc said no - Epic bruising, pain and soreness were my companions for a couple weeks. Last weekend marked 4 weeks since my off, and I had a great ride on that same bike in that same area.

I'm guessing your fall was a just a freak thing, same guy can do the same fall and laugh it off, while the next guy punctures a lung. Same thing can happen walking down the sidewalk, driving your car to work, lifting a box etc.

I love that my GS will take me down gravel roads to get where I want to go, but a steady diet of that is much more delightful on a littler bike.
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