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Originally Posted by Rackemcrackem View Post

Since that time, I have consistently worn gear that includes a minimum of pressure suit (or equivalent spine and chest protectors), armored shorts and articulated plastic knee armor under my textile gear. For the past year, I have been wearing a Hit-Air vest over Knox spine and chest protectors, with separate shoulder and elbow protectors. Gearing up takes a couple of minutes longer than simply slipping on a jacket and pants but I feel that the small amount of time spent is very worthwhile.

I did have one 2-3 mph tipover on my DL650 while wearing the Hit-Air vest and it inflated as advertised. It felt like I was cocooned by a very firm marshmallow of airy goodness and there was no soreness from the impact. I certainly didn't need that at 2-3 mph but I do feel that it would be very protectective to my ribs, abdomen, spine, tailbone and neck in the event of a serious crash. It would probably also offer some protection to the collar bones due to the reduction of forces from lateral motion of the neck.

To my knowledge, there is no currently available technology that offers any more impact protection for motorcycling than what I have been wearing, aside from possibly wearing different brands of armor under my gear.

I am definitely seriously upping the gear I wear, although in Texas, that will likely affect how much I ride because of the heat.

I have thought about airbag vests as part of that equation and generally think they are a good idea, but in my off I don't think it would matter.

I went dowh much like this: just a whole lot faster.

I never so much as stuck a hand out. Inspection of the gear showed a tear under the arm pit, and a lot of ground in dust along my side. I think point of impact was shoulder followed by my relatively unprotected side and hence all the broken ribs. Also the speed in which it occurred may not have been sufficient to trigger the airbag.

I am curious as to whether a pressure suit would have made a difference. I know if i continue to ride at the least I will be using one of those in a big way.
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