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I recently ran my battery down with electric vest and grip heaters set too high on a cold day so I installed an LED voltage monitor to keep me from making the same mistake again. The battery charged up fine with my battery tender and seems not to have suffered any damage. The LED monitor glows green when the charging voltage is greater than 13.2V but, curiously it changes to yellow indicating less than 13.2 when I rev the engine above idle then returns to green when the RPM returns to idle. I verified this voltage drop measured at the battery using a real volt meter. I then discovered that if I turn on my grip heaters the voltage goes up and turns the LED green and it stays green at all revs.

This all seems backwards to me. Could someone please verify if it's normal to have a load such as the grip heaters raise the voltage or explain to me the problem if it's not behaving normally. I did the alternator checks for continuity and AC output and it checks out fine.

In case it matters, I have a 60Cx GPS running off the battery and I had the controller for my vest plugged in but not turned on and the vest was not plugged in during my last test ride. The lights are all stock but the headlight is running through a relay to reduce voltage loss.
I would go out for a long ride and watch that LED as you ride along. As long as it's green about half the time I wouldn't worry about it. Mine fluctuates back and forth from green to orange constantly (I forget what voltages those are supposed to indicate). It generally does not stay constant for more than 15 or 20 seconds, no matter low beam/high beam, electric vest/no vest, etc.

I watched it until it drove me crazy trying to figure it out, now I pretty much ignore it and try to watch the road, instead!

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