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Thanks for all the well wishes, shared experience and insight. As I said I have a few months before I can ride so I have some time to think about what I am going to do. I have heard from a lot of people who have taken a hard fall on road bikes as well as motorcycles and I gather having second thoughts about riding is pretty natural.

My buddy I was riding with said the gravel was really loose, and the ranch manager who came out to help the ambulance get me out quicker told him that the road recently had been re-graveled. Maybe an extra loose surface with a careless pull on the front brake added up to this.

I have learned a lot though beyond the obvious. Like how important it is to have a riding buddy with you. I had a spot on a ram mount that went flying, and a cell phone somewhere in my jacket. I might have been able to fish the phone out eventually, but a couple feeble tries and I was content to wait and have someone else do it. If you take a hard fall and can't reach the Spot or a phone and there isn't likely to be traffic going by, it doesn't matter if you are in Big Bend National Park or an hour from downtown Dallas.

I learned that no matter what the gear, those half-inch thick shoulder pads don't mean diddly if you hit hard and don't slide.

I am 56 so maybe brittle as hell--but my mind is young I might take Brett's advice and find a smaller bike when playing on dirt. But damn, if I break 15 bones doing under 30, what will happen on pavement going, say, 65?

I also learned that pain meds will stop you up something awful. I am on a steady diet of Myralax and Flomax to keep all systems operational even long after stopping most of the pain meds except one at night to help me sleep. Even without the pills I haven't had nearly as much pain as everyone thinks I should. Mainly just a lot of aches, but not the sharp pain people associate with broken bones. Although I sneezed once and thought I was going to pass out. As some one said, don't catch a cold with broken ribs. But me? I am doing great. One week out from PT and that (hopefully) will be the beginning of the end of this little adventure.

Thanks again.
for starters, you'll fall off less often (we hope).
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