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Custom Fork Mods....

Hi folks!

Just thinking about Steering Fork modifications for a sidecar rig.

I'm guessing that some companies that do mods to reduce Trail may weld up the Triple Tree parts and then redrill fork tube holes in brackets at a new angle to reduce Trail? Others may fabricate new Triple Trees?

Seems like it might be possible to simply install triple tree in a solid jig for accurate alignment and zero movement, then over-bore existing fork tube holes at the new desired angle. Then fabricate a simple tubular spacer insert for oversized triple tree holes, to take up gap of old tubes with new larger hole.

Tubular spacer would need a slit down the side so it can compress. May want to fab spacer so there's a slight ridge at top and bottom edges to help keep it from walking up and down in new triple tree hole.

Seems to me this would be one of the easiest and cheapest methods to reduce Trail, yet as effective as custom triple trees? I would assume [uh-oh] that most topnotch machine shops can do this. Thanks for any feedback!
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