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Just a note to people planning on using my GPS file for navigation of the CD ride. Even tho I rode it South to North and my tracks were recorded the same of course----the routes on there are for North to South navigation. Everyone seems to want to do it North to South, so I made these for you. When making routes I always put the next route point that you are navigating to just barely passed the turn--that way there is no question which way to go at the turn.
Also----my route doesn't by-pass any part of the bicycle route---except a couple places where you need a bicycle--and can't ride it anyway as it is so tough you would have to carry it.
One last thing---there are a lot of waypoints on there for camping, gas, food lodging etc. As an example---if the waypoints name is "GFL Butte"---that means there is Gas, Food and Lodging in that town---not exactly at that waypoint--it just means it's available in that town. If the waypoints name is "G Summit"--it means there is only "Gas" in Summit---get the picture ????
Using my route---you will never be guided down a dead end or end up in a non-motorized wilderness area. I read so many reports where guys were following the bicycle route and were slowed down by dead ends and backtracking.
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