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Yesterday, first warm Saturday this year, a lot of bikes out. I had to deliver something I sold with my truck. First I am on a back road posted at 35 mph going 45. Two sport bikes come up behind me. First guy has a full face helmet as the only gear he has on. Second guy only has a jacket. The helmeted squid is glued to my rear bumper. Now my tailgate is open and I have a large wooden rack hanging out, it is very well tied down but he doesn't know that. I pull over and let them by the first place I can and 100 yards later they stop to let oncoming traffic clear so they can make a left turn.
Then on the way home two pirates coming the other way side by side. Long straight away so I can see them for awhile. The one in the left of his lane has his tires on the yellow line so his left forward control and ridiculously high ape hanger is in my lane.
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