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So I've got a '13 with 500 miles. Almost all of those miles off road. I had to ride the bike to a charity event this morning. This morning was almost all interstate. So I needed to pass a truck this morning...I opened up the throttle at 60ish. Immediately the revs come up to 7k plus, but not the power? I can't possibly need a clutch already? I tried in all gears, and it seemed to be a repeatable problem in every gear. Smooth roll on the gas, and no issue. Hammer the throttle, and for a small period of time, between 5k and 8k I'm just making noise? Any ideas?
Have you checked your clutch fluid reservoir? The fluid level rises as the clutch wears so you could take a peek to see that it's not overfilled. The fluid level should be 4 mm below the top.
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