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Thank You all, words much needed.

What to say?

The inevitable happens as we all so well know.I heard this short story the other day. They were the thoughts of a departed one. "I was happy before I was born within that space none of us remember. My Mother then on gave me Birth and I lived daily going through the Chapters of this Life and it's endless lessons, it's peaks and valleys and all in between. I am gone now, again, having done my time, happy to have rejoined my previous space and my loved ones awaiting for me in the meantime". It is a good sensible story, no harm believing it. It helps me thinking and feeling that now my Mother has passed on back to where she came from. Most likely with Lance, my Grand Parents and a myriad of ancestors brightening up the stars at night watching down as I myself still turning the pages of these interminable lessons.
I am still in Munich for a couple more days dealing with a bureaucracy that has the script of a deepest nightmare one can imagine filled with frustration trying to obtain some legal and official documents. Will they ever let her rest in Peace?
Spirit is well taken care of in Texas. I will be moving him soon to Colorado Springs where more Friends will take care of him while I need to fly back and put an end to this chapter.
The weekdays are filled with appointments meaning a calendar and a watch. The weekends Museums to keep my mind occupied. BMW and Rolls Royce Museum, The Deutsches Museum. I did post many photos throughout these past couple Journal entries.
Thank You all for your kind thoughts and well articulated words I have been receiving.

Ara and Spirit

7ht Year, the Stars, living under themů
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