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I remember riding the punky buellster a few years ago and getting past a group of harley riders on hwy 49 until I got to the 2nd lead guy. There was road work so we had to pull off the main road and get around road work. Well the guy in the harley full dresser in front of me goes to get back on the roads. I see the asphalt work has left about a 3in raised lip running parallel to the road. The harley guy in the dresser tries to merge onto the road but doesn't negotiate correctly hits the lip completely parallel and lays the thing down. His buds were behind him so I kept going, harley riders disdain my blast so to hell with them. I keep going and catch up to the lead man who is stopped wondering where the posse is. I think the first thing they teach you in the MSF class is to not hit tracks going parallel.
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