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Originally Posted by Christophe View Post
I worry about these high strength brake pedals, I have broken the stock pedal at least 2x (maybe more, I can't remember), and the G-it side guard has prevented the pedal from piercing the engine cover, but if the pedal could not bend I wonder what damage could be done to the frame pedal mount point. I still prefer the cheap OEM replacement pedal than an unbreakable pedal that creates a risk with the frame, so I just carry a spare brake and clutch pedals on my longer trips (the spare clutch pedal proved useful for a friend recently).
I'm not sure how to say it nicely, your logic sucks. A stock pedal cost's ~$129 while the stock footpeg bracket cost's ~$132. The footpeg bracket is WAY less likely to get fubared compared to the stock pedal so just put on the stronger pedal and break less often... even if you did damage the footpeg bracket, it would be less frequently (never) so no matter how you slice it going with the stronger pedal (after ruining the stocker) will come out cheaper in the end. Much cheaper and less frustrating than buying a couple stockers every season! If you were that worried about it, you could Heli-coil the female threads on the frame bracket side and use a grade 8 (or F9-11) bolt there too, I wonder what the weak link would be then?

Originally Posted by The Letter J View Post
I have snagged/hit/pivoted the bike on the cleanspeed pedal hundreds if not thousands of times now with no ill effects since I installed it (3 years ago) and I wholeheartedly recommend it (or the RallyRaid version) to anyone who rides more than street.
Maybe I should install weaker handlebars so that I don't break my bar mounts again? Then I could just carry spare low quality parts with me? Not likely.
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