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Originally Posted by fluff34567 View Post
Is there a clutch pack replacement walk through somewhere or anything special to look for such as half plates etc ?

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Someone did a nice write-up but I think it was lost in the megathread blow-up. It's an easy procedure, some notes from memory:

--Obviously you'll be changing the oil too, so plan for that
--Go ahead and soak the clutch discs when you get them. I think the kit says they need to soak for at least 2 hours?
--You'll have to pull the footpeg mount (3 bolts) and the cover (9 bolts)
--The outermost section of the pack has a convex-shaped ring and a half-size friction disk. Pay attention to which side of the ring is facing out. The remaining stuff is just alternating friction/steel disks.
--Before disassembly note the arrow on the pressure plate (see pic below--it's pointing straight up) that lines up with a notch in the clutch pack. (I think it's a notch--i'll have to consult the service manual)
--The service manual recommends using a factory tool (screws with a shoulder on them) to hold everything together during assembly. It's not necessary but it was a bit fussy getting everything lined up during reassembly. Not a big deal
--Finally the bolts on the cover are 3 different sizes. There's 1 long, 2 medium, and then the rest are short. See the pic below.

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