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without a title in WA state

How does this work? I live in Seattle and I came across a 1973 enduro in a friends garage. He wants the bike out of his garage, however his buddy who is out of touch stored the bike there for the past 10 years doesn't have the key or the title. It sounds suspicious so I am not quite sure why his buddy has an enduro with no key or title. It's a 40 yr old enduro and needs restoration but it looks ok at first take. Anyhow I am interested in the bike, and does anyone have any experience with this kind of a salvage operation. Applying for a title from an unavailable previous owner. In WA, it requires a 3 year wait to see if the previous title owner shows up and wants the bike ,or not. Then I can apply for the title in my name. I am planning on just getting it running and not investing much into it until the 3 yr wait is over. If during the wait for the title the original owner comes knocking, well there it goes. I know it's not mine yet. So I don't want to restore or invest in something that can be legally taken back. But I am sure I am not the first person interested in such a project.
Any words of wisdom are appreciated.
Does this make any sense or am I out of my mind??
I gotta get out for a ride, see ya
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