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This trip was to meet one of my Sister-in-Laws, Yesenia. I still haven’t quite figured out the roads back here but it was an overnight trip which landed us somewhere around here?

Once again over the mountain via the 32, Zurqui route. Only now the winter rains were affecting traffic.

We only crashed for the night. Nothing eventful and by 0630 we were on the road back home. If I am remembering correctly we just made this trip for the RIDE!

DR in the AM in Sis’ back yard.

On the road…

By 0715 We are at this bridge.

In this part of the country everything is bananas.

Now this is how noobish we were, we took the same route home. Only this time stopped to snap a few pics in this valley.

Where Rìo Sucio meets Rìo Limpio

That was all for this ride…

We are trying to squeeze in a “real time” ride… soon…
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