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Originally Posted by chris7s View Post
I've been debating if I should dip down to san diego and then I'd be able to skate encinitas and then i'd be able to swing escondido. I think it might add too much to the trip since its so out of the way from las vegas. I guess I'm just gonna have to choose between san diego and yellowstone because I don't see myself making the trip in the time otherwise. The other thing is that I really want to avoid feeling like I'm in a rush to finish. I'll only have 6 weeks or so. I mapped the route to take hwy9 out of santa cruz though. It kind of works out perfect with the pass recommendations since I mapped zig zagging there to go through both of those.
If I had to choose between San Diego and Yellowstone, I'd choose Yellowstone. For one, I prefer the majestic scenery up there to California beaches. Also, the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone are much more different from Florida than San Diego is.

If you want to visit a California micro brewery, you could visit Lagunitas in Petaluma just north of San Francisco. They have live music almost every night, and a $55 motel 2 doors down, which might be cheaper than finding someplace in San Francisco. It will also give you an excuse to cross the Golden Gate, which is free heading north.
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