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Originally Posted by abat View Post
Hi dennism,

Thanks for your feedback.
I'm starting a rough journey into the depth of the injection system.
Many hours of reading is waiting for me.

Hi there Africa_twin,

The TA700 engine is something different from the AT engine.
One of my friend ones said that the TA goes vvvvvvrrrrrrrrrr and the AT goes gggggggrrrrrrrrrr...

Everything A-Wind mentioned is correct. the carb feeding is old. better fuel/air mixture, all the time, means better fuel consumption, better throttle response.
Besides, one of my carbs shows wear signs in the float hinge.
I know Carbs are old school but so am I.
I am getting around 400 km per AT tank... working for the manufacturer for the last 23 years, I've ridden the TA 700 a few times and I don't remember ever getting that sort of mileage... I am not a fast rider, more like a "watch-the-scenery" type of rider...
Riding to the sunset... on my Africa Twin...
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