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I've got a new stories and I'm guessing its cause everyone is coming out for the nice weather (people here in Cali seem to think anything below the mid-70s is cold )
On Friday I was in going thru Lake Elsinore on the 74. For those who don't know, Lake Elsinore isn't a large city but the 74 is a very popular and busy road since it connects the coast and the 15 in a very beautiful through the mountains type road. The 74 is a 2 lane road, 1 lane each direction that splits into 2 lanes for a very short periods thru Lake Elsinore.
Well at the first spot were it splits into 2 lanes I see a guy riding a harely filter to the front...on the right side of the right lane, not to big a deal tho best I know that isn't legal and its a bit stupid, but this will be the least of his stupidity.
The cross street we are stopped is the High School's street and it just happens that the kids just got out flooding the streets and sidewalks in the area with even more people. Well I glance over at the Harley guy and he seems to be paying complete attention to the cross traffic's light. As soon as it turns red he proves me right by gunning it across the intersection, thru a red light and scaring the people turning left (they had got the green light).
I watch him as the road goes back to 1 lane and he weaves thru traffic and crosses into the center turn lane to pass multiple cars at a time, going dangerously fast with a lot of cars and people going every which way. I'd truly be surprised if he doesn't find himself testing the merits of his brain bucket sooner than later. I hope he wises up, cause it stuff like that that the cagers seem to remember when they think of motorcycles.
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