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I have decided to just leave my forks as they are, but I believe there is a simple way to move the entire assembly forward a bit by adding a second second set of trees behind the first and attaching the two together.
This type of sysem is nothing new and has been done ... and does work quite well . One good thing about it is that it does not change the angle of the forks and still reduces trail. It also does not affect ride height which can b egood. 'Raking ' the forks with different trees or modified trees can cause complications with various things such as bar mounts, bar mounted fairing clearances etc. The system of moving the whole fork assembly forward does not create these issues and retains the stock triple trees. Yes, there are other issues even with this sytem with fixed fairings and so forth but over all It is a good system. We have discussed producing this type of an item for quite a while and may still do so at some point.

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