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Originally Posted by Lost Rider View Post
I have to say though, PSR should be taking care of things like the trash and supplying more toilets, WE are the customers here and you're paying them more money for 1 weekend than just about anyone else for their entire year. They shouldn't be squeezing you for trash pickup money and we shouldn't have to haul out our own trash after paying to stay at a private campground resort, or having 3 toilets for 200+ people. That was gross towards the end and it was frustrating to see you scrambling to collect money for trash pick up after all the work you've done and money paid to PSR.
That place was dead each time I went through this year, I bet your event is like a months income or more.
You are the client giving them big business, I just hope you can use that to negotiate what's best for you, for the charities we are raising money for and for us poor advriders.
Now they want a cash deposit in advance from a non-profit, well established organizer like you?


With how much cash you pay them, we could have portable toilets and showers brought into all that flat public land down by Ballarat and have the event without them...

alright, percoset kicked in, i'll stop babbling.
What he said.
OK except for the percoset kicking in part.

IMO - We should be accommodated and not milked for what would be normal business practices simple because we have so many participants.

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