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Hope your feeling better. I did almost word for word the same shit. I was standing, touched front brake, and next I heard skid and the front end washed out right and levered me left and next second I'm about to eat dirt. Slammed my left shoulder in hard. Broke clavicle in two places drove in hard thought for sure I punctured my lung. Crushed my left foot, as it did not move off the peg. Dislocated my big toe, and fractured 3 metatarsals. It happened so fast. New TKC 80 on the front. Went from a K60 after 18300km on it. I think the more aggressive tire caused me to flow forward in the light braking and as I levered forward I naturally grabbed more lever causing the washout.
The SPOT worked well. I walked 2 km or so and got a lift to a main road and met the ambulance (my coworkers) before the helicopter took off to come get me so that could be cancelled. i was not about to sit and wait for help. i thought of how i was going to decompress my chest with a Leatherman, hand sanitizer, and a air gauge. Luckily did not need to, thats why i hobbled to get to help faster. I spent about 5 days in hospital. I also had surgery on my clavicle. A plate 8 screws and some chicken wire. LOL.

You will heal, physio is your friend. Acupuncture, IMS, the sonic thingy, manipulation. My shoulder feels great, at times the skin feels a bit tight over the plate, SCBA air pack doesn't seem to agrivate it. The foot gets sore and still swells at times. I found the most irritation I had was blowing my nose before the SCM ligament and Scalenes reattached to the collarbone. Felt like a knife stick for about a month after.

Heal well. I'm rode last week. Felt good. Snow was gone now at -1c and it snowed about 1/2 a foot today. That will be gone by Wednesday I'm sure.


Originally Posted by tlwood99 View Post
About 5 weeks ago I was riding with a buddy on an oil lease in North Texas. We had been on some boring, flat gravel roads. One road turned on to another and so on, all in a kind of grid pattern. I had ridden gravel roads a lot, I had knobbies on the GS, and we were loping along at 30-40 mph in pretty relaxed fashion.

My buddy up ahead comes to a T and turns right. Yet another flat boring easy right turn. I have plenty of time to make the turn. I have the bars rotated upwards a bit for when I am standing, although I take the turn seated. GPS says I was doing 27 mph.

I thought the bike was straight up as I pull the front brake to slow the bike before starting the turn. I remember that front brake well because in a split second later I am getting a close look at the front wheel which seems to have tucked and dug in. An instant later I hit the ground shoulder first.

Neither I nor the bike seem to slide. Its like I was made of Velcro. The bike and I are side by side with me "above" the seat. After what seemed like a whole lot of screaming I find myself in a crumpled up ball.

It takes 30 minutes to get an ambulance, and at least a miserable 30 minute ride out. X-rays at the first hospital showed 8 broken ribs, 5 of them twice, flailed chest syndrome (because of all the broken ribs), broken collar bone,

broken scapula, and a punctured lung. That led to another ambulance ride to a second hospital, a day in ICU, and a few days in the trauma ward, followed three weeks later by surgery on my shoulder and another day in the hospital.

Now it looks like this:

Two weeks from now I start 2-3 months of therapy on my shoulder.

AS best as I can figure, I had gotten too comfortable on the bike. Being seated with the bars rotated up had the effect of increasing the effort I had put on the front brake, causing the front wheel to lock up (ABS off), the front wheel to tuck, and the bike (and me) to hit the ground hard. I had absolutely no time to react which troubles me. I had taken the BMW off-road school a couple of years ago where we practiced locking up and recovering a locked front wheel. Well that didn't happen.

I am ATGATT, wearing a BMW Rallye 3 jacket, with CE rated armor everywhere including the shoulder. I am left wondering how much this armor did for me. I will say that I didn't have a scratch on me (but some seriously nasty bruises) beyond all the broken and punctured stuff.

So as I sit around healing I am still shocked at how fast it happened and how much damage was caused for the speed I was going. Is my internal calculator off, or would you say this is what you would expect? I know people get killed for less, and others walk away unscathed from a uglier crash. I am just trying to figure out where on the scale I come out. I love riding, but if this is the price I have to pay for the next off then maybe not. I also want to make sure I know what happened so I don't do it again.

Thanks for reading and I welcome any thoughts on this.

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