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Originally Posted by GREY.HOUND View Post
Just wondering. When reading about the new BMW scooters or Silverwing & 650 Burgman, they can be described as cumbersome or other such negative words. However, when reading about bikes like the Honda NT700v or the BMW 800GT and others like that, they can be described as a great combination of comfort, weight and maneuverability. Great for commuters and do everything type bikes. Even the Honda NC700X with DCT & ABS is over 500 lbs.; add a top box and panniers and it's close to what, 525 lbs?

Why does a maxi scooter that weighs somewhere in the same range not usually get called perfect or ideal for a do everything bike.

FWIW, my SC250 is about 320 lbs and it's just fine by me. I really couldn't imagine another 200lbs to move about.

Okay...I went from a dual-sport maxi to a Burgman 650. And I did it partly because I wanted a bike that was shiftless, like I'm shiftless; and because it was getting hard to get a leg over; especially on that tippy-tall R1200GS.

Weight distribution on a maxi-scoot is a little bit high. More so when you factor in that in touring, you're gonna be using your storage space. But then, it was also on my BMW. Well-balanced...but a bit high.

Heresy though it may be, I'd rate them almost comparable. The Burgman is well-balanced.

But...the RIDING position is entirely different. One STRADDLES a bike; even a cruiser. You sit ON a maxi-scoot. In the twisties in the Rockies, I kept having that feeling that I was going to slide off my seat on the Burg. I really wasn't; but I did miss that feeling of support; of having something firm between the knees.

And I think that's the difference. I, and other maxi-scoot adaptees, we got used to it; learned to live with it and love it. Not everyone can or will.
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