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Originally Posted by snooker View Post
Since I currently don't have the uSD card inserted, and all my data is on the internal memory... Can you please walk me through how I can put all the same data onto the uSD card? Tracks for example.

Then how does the Montana pick between looking at the internal memory vs. the uSD. For example if you have somehow backed up identical Tracks (same names) onto the uSD card, and you are out on the trail with the uSD NOT in the Montana... and your Montana has some kind of crash, then you insert the uSD and will it automatically just find the Tracks on the uSD?

What if some Track files are on both with the same name? Just don't understand it without experimenting and don't have time...
I have no idea what would happen if you had the same tracks/routes/waypoints duplicated on the Montana and the uSD card, but I don't think it would prevent the gps from running. I also don't think it would help anything. Why would you not just use the uSD card for all those things? The cards are so cheap these days that it just doesn't make sense not to have a few kicking around with all your maps/routes/tracks/waypoints, to ensure reliability.

The gps will always record tracks to internal memory, though.
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