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Hey bracky72 -- Yipes!! You have my sincere sympathies. I had a compound fracture of my tib/fib plus fractured ankle in December 2011. I was 12 weeks non-weight bearing, finally got to walk on my own two feet (without crutch or cane) just about a year ago. My knee is still stiff (will probably always be that way), but I can do essentially everything I was doing before the accident.

I found this cast cover to be way better for showering than trying to wrap your cast in plastic bags:

I also used a fleece toe cover to keep my toes from getting too cold. Something like this:

And as you are sitting around, you can spend time on this site:

Hope you heal up well. Don't push it and be sure to give your body time to heal. It does get better! (And drink lots of water to stay ahead of the stoppage caused by the painkillers.)
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