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I ride a Honda Reflex which I guess could be considered "mid-weight". It's heavy for a scoot (IMO) @ 330 lbs. (I think). My DR650 weighs about the same. However, compared to the DR, the Reflex's weight is mostly down low so it doesn't feel too bad (I don't think the DR feels tippy though).

I used to have a Honda Trans Alp and I consider the NC700X to be a modern version of that (even though the TA is still sold, by Honda, outside of the US). I hated the TA because the weight was mostly up high (440 lbs). The NC7 would be great but I'm guessing, based on appearance, that the weight is up high on that, too. My friend that owns one loves it (and has only had it for a few months). If he could only have one bike, that would be the one to have (according to him).

The only downside about the Reflex (and scooters in general) are the small rim diameters. The Reflex has 12" & 13". I prefer the ride of the DR (21" & 17") because it's capable of handling bumps and undulations with more aplomb. My preferred commuter would be a small (250cc) dual sport (possibly in sumo configuration). Then, I could get the fuel economy, the necessary speed (55+) and light(er) weight. And old NX250 would be the ticket.
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