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Originally Posted by RedFrogTango View Post
I absolutely loved the K1300S. But the bike did not seem to hold up well to my daily commute, which accounts for the majority of my miles. My commute is about 50 miles each way via superslab, with much of it in stop-n-go traffic. I also ride a lot in the rain. The EPA mandated formulation for gas in the Chicago metro area and the 10% mandated ethanol were also a factor. In short, I felt like I was in a constatnt battle to keep the injectors of the K1300S clean and properly functioning - constantly adding fuel additives (Startron) and cleaners (Techron), replacing air filters, etc. - and still getting low speed stalls and surging. I never had these problems on my '06 R1200GS. So last week (after a sticky thermostat on the K pushed me over the edge) I finally came to the conclusion that I would be better off returning to an R1200.

Frankly, I don't expect the R1200R to handle nearly as well as the K1300S at 85+ on the highway. But it certainly is a better choice for around town and city traffic. And it certainly will hold up better to my type of riding. In any event, I'm looking forward to exploring the attributes of the R and adapting my riding style to get the most out of this bike.

I'm confident that I will be very happy with the R1200R - at least until BMW offers up a K1600R, or maybe a water-cooled R1200S.
Sounds like a logical move that will continue to bring you riding happiness! I would imagine when you first pulled the R off the side stand you about threw it over sideways! I almost did that after coming off my Ducati ST3s and was quite surprized at the difference. Now, on the road the Duc is hard to beat!
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