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Originally Posted by Barry View Post
The faster you need to change direction the harder/faster you countersteer.
Thanks for clearing the reaction/speed/time thing up. I honestly never thought my question here months ago would create all this response - I kind of keep hoping it will go away, there are a lot of personal attacks floating around which is a shame.

Anyway - if the darned Instructor had said 'To go Left you STEER right momentarily until the bike is in its turn which usually happens so fast and is so automatic to SOME of you you won't even notice it etc etc etc" a lot of time and pondering would have been saved.

Anyway - I have given up 'noticing' what the handlebars are doing for that tiny fraction of time and am really enjoying riding in a away that I hope I will never find out what I will actually 'do' in an emergency swerve : )

A sincere thank you to those who really went the distance helping me (and others) with this - and those who got upset with those trying to help, well I am sorry about that but as far as I know one is supposed to be an 'adult' before getting a MC licence over here, right?
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