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Originally Posted by RuggedExposure View Post
You don't have a 1st batch TR like some of us. The stalling at low RPM's is a real pain in the ass that is addressed with a MOSS reflash. I still haven't taken mine over to Tucson to have it done, but I will eventually.

And the 'ECU Error' someone had before was from a loose battery cable if I remember correctly.

I keep telling you people but no one is listening... CUT THE TAIL OFF!

Thanks, Rugged. I thought there was more to it than a loose battery cable but perhaps I was mistaken.

There's no need to cut the tail off. All you need to do is to remove the mufflers and luggage rack and then wrap about a dozen wraps of duct tape around the rear end just a little ahead of the tail light. I did that to secure my rear end section after it completely broke off. Really! it was dangling from the bike on the electrical wires. The new parts are on back order and the bike could not be ridden in that condition so I duct taped it back on and I've been riding it like that for a month now while I wait for the new parts to arrive. I've put several hundred miles on FSRs, and 4WD track on it like that and it's held up fine. When I get the new parts I'll wrap them with tape too, you can barely notice the tape with the mufflers and luggage rack in place. That way when it's time to replace the bike I don't have to worry about permanent alterations affecting the resale value, and you get the benefit of better mud splatter protection too.

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