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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
Congrats on your new bike.

The vibes should get better, but I wouldn't expect miracles.

One thing that exacerbates the vibe problem on a new S10 is Yamaha's ridiculous "avoid prolonged operation above 3900 RPM" break-in recommendation. Conservative riders tend to interpret this basically as keeping the revs below 3900 almost all the time, and the bike isn't terribly happy, especially in stock tune, to take a lot of throttle below 3500. It smooths out greatly above 4K.

If you follow this guideline at all, I'd interpret "prolonged" to mean that you can rev the engine freely during acceleration, just don't cruise on the freeway for a long time above the limit.

Another thing I've noticed is that the S10, perhaps due to the crossplane crank since the crossplane R1 behaves similarly, tends to vibe more with increased throttle rather than increased RPM, so making your power through RPM rather than throttle opening also reduces vibes in general. The only time I notice my S10 vibing much is bucking into a strong headwind or climbing grades at moderate speeds in high gear. Cruising at 90 mph with a tailwind is eerily smooth, like the motor isn't even there.

- Mark
Mark I would agree with your observations about the S10. The bike is much smoother above 4k rpm. I basically came to same working definition of "prolonged" as you and rode during break in just as you described.

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