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I bought a Terra last month and I too am concerned about this "MOSS flash" business. I think what Ricky Chuck was concerned about is the same concern that I have - and it's got nothing to do with how well the bike runs. There have been reports about some kind of an ECU problem. Apparently something can go wrong resulting in "ECU Error" (or something to that effect) being displayed on the speedometer readout. When this happens the bike cannot be started until it is re-flashed with the MOSS tool. I am very concerned about this happening when I'm a hundred miles from no-where. Can somebody please elaborate on what this is all about?

Other than that this is a great bike and I couldn't be happier with its performance. I'd highly recommend it to anyone who wants a bike that is great on the street and can still handle fairly gnarly 4WD tracks. One thing I'd recommend to everyone who buys this bike and intends to ride it off-road is to remove the mufflers and luggage rack and wrap about a dozen or so wraps of good quality duct tape (I used Gorilla tape, worked perfectly) around the rear end to keep it from breaking off. After you put the mufflers and luggage rack back on the duct tape is barely noticeable.

Thank you

The "EWS" I experienced was from the dimmer switch from chinese made LEDs. Once I figured out that issue...all I had to do to start the bike was "cycle" the key off & on. With the LEDs turned off. Not really a fault of the Husky.....but the lesser expensive lights.

The "moss" problem I & others have had ,as far as I know, is more annoying than anything else. I for sure was never left stranded. My TR always started....just ran rough & stumbled some at lower RPMs until I had the moss done.
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