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Originally Posted by Jerm View Post
I agree, but it IS the cops fault for escalating it and chasing someone for a few miles and over a blind hill.
I disagree with your logic. Why is the police officer, who is doing his job, trying to enforce the law, causing someone to further break the law? You said the guy was doing 65 in a 35, that's felony speeding in most states. Not to mention the fact that if the speed limit was 35, it was probably a residential area. How would you feel if a cop ignored someone doing nearly double the speed limit in your neighborhood and hits and kills your wife/kid/neighbor etc? It's a shitty situation, and I'm sorry for your friend, but this is the criminal's fault, not the cop. The policy of not chasing contributes to people running. If they know all they have to do is wick it up to 100+ for a mile or two and the chase will get called off, all the criminals are going to do exactly that.

Oh and here's a cool video, sorry if it's 205:

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