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Originally Posted by lmychajluk View Post
On a related note, what is the 'proper' way to transfer waypoints, etc.... from Basecamp to the Montana so as not to duplicate items? I'm trying to keep my waypoints 'in the cloud' in basecamp, but it seems every time I try to transfer them to/from the Montana I end up with duplicates.
Please read my reply above again for understanding. BaseCamp does not do any "filtering" of data that is Imported to your "My Collection". That is your job. So if you're repeatedly transferring the same Waypoints to the Montana and back to BaseCamp you are going to have duplicates. If this is something you do regularly then you might do as I do and only Import into a new List. From there you can decide which "version(s)" of the Waypoint(s) you keep.

The search in the coming v4.2 of BaseCamp is getting some development attention and can find results within your own data - keeping in mind that all searches are currently geographical from the center of the map in view.
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