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Originally Posted by manban9888 View Post
It's really simple..we like him and enjoy his RR. Don't YOU take this the wrong way but you are such a typical cloned name dropping self righteous pompous ass that you're laughable. Look around and realize that your oh so enlightened opinions simply don't matter. Why anyone would take the time to write such negative sophmoric(your douchebag word) drivel on someone else's RR says more about you than the people you trashed. It takes a special kind of coward to hide behind his adventure keyboard sipping his fruity fat n testosterone free snooty latte and talk out of his ass. If you don't like it here stay away. We won't miss you. Maybe you should drop the keyboard and make your own RR and maybe someday some other prissy little so called adventure rider will drop your meaningless name..
I guess I missed that
Very well put.

I've read plenty RRs here, I can say, Antiheroes might not be the best RR in one particular subject, but it is dam good in a lot of them. Plus I've really enjoy it, do to the fact of bike he chose. I've been riding sportbikes for 21 years this summer and reading someone doing such a ride on a sportbike, inspires us crotch-rocket riders.
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