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Originally Posted by ME 109 View Post
So what's with the shaft in the pic, only two washers?
Washer and circlip doesn't make much sense to me, either way should be good on its own.

Sorry- to retrofit the circlips onto the shaft, where the cardans were originally staked in, washers need to be welded onto all four apertures. They become the de-facto "hold the circlips in" devices. Without the washers which are not longer washers in this application, but have become forward material to bear against the outer surface of the circlip, you would have to somehow grind a trough out of the yoke material for the circlip to ride in to hold the cardan in.
There probly isnt enough material there to do that job, even if you could grind an interior radius like that, so you weld a washer on top, and the space between becomes the shelf where the circlips ride.

Clear as mud, eh? :lol
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