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I think the number of people who would consider one of those two options is pretty small... some folks like motorcycles and can't imagine riding a scooter (embarrassed to say that I used to be one of those). There are plenty of scooter riders who don't see the point of heavier weight, lower mileage, lack of storage, and having to "throw a leg over." And then, that smaller number of folks who really would consider both or either.

The discussion of Maxi-scoot vs Mid-weight motorcycle is interesting, but the bias on a scooter forum will be different from that on a motorcycle forum.

Ride 'em, pick what suits you. If there was one two wheeled conveyance that was the best, we'd all be riding it. Ten years ago, I couldn't imagine anything but a Harley dresser. Six years ago, it was a BMW RT. I downsized to a V-Strom when our riding tastes changed. And now, we're on little Honda PCX scoots... and having more fun than we've had in a long time.

Riding any bike (or scoot) isn't a lifetime commitment. Enjoy it for what it is WHEN it is.

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