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Originally Posted by markjenn View Post
One thing that exacerbates the vibe problem on a new S10 is Yamaha's ridiculous "avoid prolonged operation above 3900 RPM" break-in recommendation. Conservative riders tend to interpret this basically as keeping the revs below 3900 almost all the time, and the bike isn't terribly happy, especially in stock tune, to take a lot of throttle below 3500. It smooths out greatly above 4K.

If you follow this guideline at all, I'd interpret "prolonged" to mean that you can rev the engine freely during acceleration, just don't cruise on the freeway for a long time above the limit.

Another thing I've noticed is that the S10, perhaps due to the crossplane crank since the crossplane R1 behaves similarly, tends to vibe more with increased throttle rather than increased RPM, so making your power through RPM rather than throttle opening also reduces vibes in general. The only time I notice my S10 vibing much is bucking into a strong headwind or climbing grades at moderate speeds in high gear. Cruising at 90 mph with a tailwind is eerily smooth, like the motor isn't even there.

- Mark

Had the opportunity in the last 4300Km of often dead straight slab to get prolonged periods at different revs. The bike was always a bit vibey at 4K. So I sat around there for about 500Km. It smoothed it out a bit believe it or not.

Anyway, I did have a DL1000 in the shed for a while at the same time, and if I started to get a bit whiny I just jumped in that for a while. That soon shut me up.

The Tedium motor is really sweet. (No it doesn't make enough HP to get the Brits excited). I would be really interested in an XT900Z if it ever comes along.

So in the end 2 x 600cc pots is going to be a bit of a hassle on the power to manage a very big overlapping pulse. And when the motor is tight those pulses are a bit bigger just to overcome friction. At about 6,000Kkm the motor is on the lower edge of the run in curve.

Get cracking..

The little strom is one of those nice small twins, with nice small cylinders. I had an SV for a while and again while it's not a big HP bike the motor was quite a little sweety. It's just marketing being marketing Suzuki are not going to put out a sophisticated chassis to go with it and jack the price up to 15K at any point. Which is a pitty really.
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