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Originally Posted by CaseyJones View Post
Yup. It all depends on how you define "manhood."

Once upon a time, it took heavy-duty SKILL to ride. Kick-starting without breaking a leg (have one kick back on you and tell me I'm exaggerating, okay?) Hand-shifting. Going more than 40 miles without frantically dumping it and standing by the roadside, rubbing your backside in pain. Modulating the brakes. Adjusting the brakes. Just stopping with the brakes of those times.

Today, with FI, light controls, ABS...the manhood quotient is way down. I'd posit that it's easier to ride a motorcycle than drive a manual-shift car.

The touring scoot, with its variator or auto drive, takes it one step further. heroics in going for a ride.

The heroics are in standing the withering stares...from the grey ponytails with the HARLEY-DAVIDSON tattoos, who trailered their garage queens to Sturgis. Have you THAT kind of tough?

Then, and only then, you'll be a man, my son.

Get on your Burgman - let's go.

when i'm on the scoot, i wave at every harley. i know the real riding fans by the few who wave back.
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