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Just came in from a ride.
Did not notice that the foam grips helped any.
Will do the throttle body sync soon.
Took it on some dirt roads, never had an ABS bike before and my mate with a GSA always turn it off but man this system works great same as the TC, feels like I`m cheating when riding on dirt roads, can ride quite a bit faster than my DL650 on dirt!
Seems to be a difficult bike to put heavier end bar weights? The stock ones only weigh 200 grams, will be looking for different ones might have to modify the handlebar?
Wonder how Nick Sanders could ride this machine 80K k`s with human hands instead of prosthetic rubber hands... They must smooth out the more k`s (miles) you put on the clock.
The new triple R1 & Adventure bikes (if it will be made) will be interesting in this regard since the Triumph`s triples seems to be smooth.
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